Issues with in laws of my sisters

Dear sir, The issue is that my younger sister got married last February to a guy working in a PSU at Hyderabad. We arrange the marriage ceremony and other events very well infact exceptionally well in our society. From the starting the guy lied everything about him to my sister. His academics, his habits and even about his past was lied to her by him. He didn't want her to come to Hyderabad as her in laws stay at jaipur and he stays at Hyderabad. My sister ignored everything about his ignorance, negative attitude, he being alcoholic, His smoking habits (which were earlier denied by him) until now he started abusing my sister dormant things that she is not beautiful, she bring nothing from her home, that her parents are under his feet etc etc. They all started expressing their desires of their expectations about the marriage. Recently the guy started hitting my sister after getting drunk and after revelation of the issue to us we decided to bring her home and file a case against the family. What u feel we should do to expose and get justice to my sister?