Restriction of Public display of affection in a private college.

I am a student pursuing B.Tech from the reputed engineering college, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The PDA I refer to is the one in which we can roam around freely and sit down with girls without guards coming and whistling at us. Our college is extremely conservative and restricts students' from doing many things, and before going further I will give a little background information in accordance to the problem: 1. Boys and Girls cannot meet each other on festivals like Holi, and yes, there are fines too for coming and going out late, all this in the name of enforcing discipline. 2. The intime for girls is 8.00pm on weekends while for boys its 10.30pm. 3. If seen standing close to a girl for some time, the guard can freely whistle at you and upon going and questioning, well, neither do they understand English or HIndi. 4. ID Cards are a necessity in the college(you'll know why I mentioned it). As my personal experience, when I was sitting close a girl, by close, I mean her head was leaning on my shoulder, a teacher walked upto us and demanded for our ID cards. On asking him what we did, he rudely and impatiently spoke, and when I refused that I won't give my ID Card, he threatened to call the guards and snatch it away. So after he finally he took the cards, he asked us to give our parents phone number and only then would he return them. Right at that moment, he called our parents up and said that we were in a 'compromising' position(Mind the quotes), and spoke as if we caught for making out in public. I want to ask how I can sue the college for enforcing rules that violate our right to freedom