Forgery in supreme court

Sir The management of junior school had filed a writ in supreme court against a teacher working in their school. They raised an issue that their school is a minority school. But in the hearing against the teacher in front of Sachiv (basic) of education department, Allahabad, he showed a letter of DIOS dated 25/11/1976 serial number 17264 revealing that the said school is a minority school. But in the judgement it is said that at that time the DIOS had no rights to declare any school as a minority school. And in this judgement the said school is not a minority school. But in supreme court the management showed the same letter of DIOS but of different date 25/08/1976 and of differnt serial no 11264 in the absence of teacher as that time (at date 25/08/1976 ) DIOS had rights to declare the school as a minority school. Sir, they showed the same letter at two differnt places ( sachiv and supreme court). Is this the case of forgery. Or how can i challenge the judgement of supreme court. Or can i writ a file against this fraud of management in High court. Please reply sir. It is the genuine problem.