In laws cheating

Its all about my husband's elder brother who is cheating and torturing mentally my husband and me since from the begining of our marriage. My in laws are supporting him. He tortured me mentally from the third day of my marriage along with his friend. Nobody speaks against him in his family. Ours was love marriage. My father wanted me to get married to a rich doctor. I never said anything to my parents about my in laws because it was my selection and i dont want them to think about me. He took money from my husband during marriage telling that he need it for preparations of the marriage but he spent only 20 percent of that money on our marriage.he didnt give back the money.and the gold which he had purchased for me from that 20 percent money is also fake recently v got to know that.because of him we had to live in a separate home one month after in laws does all drama and my husband couldnt do anything because of his parebts emotional blackmale.nobody speaks against his elder brother everybody at his home supports him.he cheated my husband financially in many ways.i have decided i will speak now.he is running a medical shop from my husband's b pharma certificate since 6 years.he is not returning it.and he is not even paying a penny for my husband.he is not letting us to open our own medical shop.atleast he should give us monthly rent for that certificate he is not even giving that.please let me know what cani do to get our rights.