about alimony

Dear All I was married just for a one month and wife left without any reason . married on 7th july 2014 and we left for delhi on 17 july and came back on 9th of august . she left our home on 10th of august she asked for one week stay at her mom,s home and taken all the jewellery from mom as 10th was rakshabandhan . she said my friends will visit me there dats y i need it , it makes an impression , but after 3 days she send the police to our home that i tried to kill her at delhi and my mom asks her for dowry after 1 week case was transferred to CAW on 18th of august 2014 where she named my father my mother , sister , brother in law . now the sho of CAW is saying pay her 3 lakhs and the stuff which she brought at ur home and go for mutul divorce . i m not in situation to give her 3 lakhs . i m requestin the police to file the case to court and i will pay watsoever amount court asks me to do . i wantto fight in court as i know she is lieing , she ddnt have any medical done . i have her call details . i m jobless since janaury . was suppose to join on 20th august but again lost due to this mess i have home and job location is in delhi but marriage was solemised in jammu . my parients live in jammu . my father,s liver is completely damage . he is 68 and mom is 60 . in jammu i dnt have any job or any thing . i wont be able to go for my job search as i m stucked due to this mess as i call my brother to jammu to tk care of dad . so sir what are the legal options for me to fight this case