Guidance Needed

Hi. I am a software professional working in US. I got married last year in Feb and my wife came to US with me. After some days she started having doubts on me that I have an affair. She lies a lot even with small-small things which I don't like and cant bear. I sent her back to India and she was staying with my parents. My parents used to love her like a daughter, So when I was telling my parents that she lies a lot then My parents wee not believing me and they were against me. Now after spending sometime with the girl my parents got to know that she lies a lot. She is gone to her parents house and created a big drama. She lied about me each and everything and told her parents. Her parents then called my parents to their house and started shouting and started telling we have spent this much on the marriage and all. I met this girl through Noone was involved in between but they are threating my sister and brother in law(who lives in same city as them) that you guys did all this. My parents are very simple and uneducated so they are getting scared that what if they file false dowry case against us. we never asked a single penny from them but I know false dowry cases can be lodged. Can someone please suggest me how to handle this situation? I will really appreciate.