fraud will

Namaskars to you all. Kindly help me by suggesting a solution to : My husband's maternal grandfather had three children,first my late mother-in-law,and two sons followed. His grandfather was seriously ailing from cancer in his last days,so though he intended to leave a will he was not able to.His grandmother was well aware of his last wishes.He left behind his self-acquired properties and lots of securities . As years went by,she realised something was amiss and reiterated to my husband that whatever his grandfather had left him was in writing.Perhaps she was referring to some other will.Now these maternal uncles have produced some other will which does not mention my husband's name at all (though he as 17 years old and under his grandfather's guardianship) .It just mentions,that "I had a daughter". On the basis of this fraud will,they are now paying the property tax and few months back,have got the RTC of the property mutated. Right after their fathers demise,they got securities transferred to their name by using some high pull in the concerned companies.What action do you suggest?