About property distribution

Hello sir, This is Suraj from Athani. This Property issue start after my grandpa's death. Grandpa had 4 Sons and 3 Daughters. His 2 son passed away recently and he had 2 Wives and he never divorced 1st wife and she is not in touch with our family since 30 Years and she did not attended her husbands funeral. And while distributing the property at village accountant office the village accountant received a letter stating that she requires her property. There was no address or name on the letter. To say it was sent from unknown person. And we when enquired and asked her about this she rejected saying she not given any complaints on this issue. And she agreed the same in front of the village accountant. But now village accountant is asking for divorce letter from her. So I request you to advice me on can 1. A letter from unknown person be treated as legal document. 2. I lodge a complaint at police station regarding the letter. 3. I consider this is issue created by village accountant to grab some more money 4. And can this be nonsense created by one my uncle who was against property distribution. 3 Son of grandpa. 5. What should I do to clear out this issue. 6. All 3 daughters and grandma have signed the no objection document. Since my grandpa last son requires his share of land to avail govt schemes for agriculture. My dad and mom is elder of all and They are not interested in that land. So what are the procedure to come out this issue. Since my dad want help the his youngest brother to avail the benefits. So thank you in advance and please guide me through this.