Harassment by neighbour regarding the water flow

Sir, In my row, the immediate house next to mine don't have drain in front of it. The house owner has created a big pit outside his house in one side and all the water of his house gets accumulated in this pit. When this pit gets overflowed, either from his house or when it rains, the water from it flows on road. This open pit attracts mosquitoes and is a matter of concern for all nearby houses. This person has also blocked the way of my drain water by putting mud and making the road higher. Due to this the water coming out of my drain has no place to go ahead and is flowing in front of my house on road. I have requested him many times in last 3-4 years to build a proper drain but he gives one or other excuses. Please note that the there are two empty plots next to his house which also has no drain. Except these 3, all other 14-15 houses in the lane have drains. Now, the other neighbor who are living in front of my house are harassing me that they will stop my water or destroy the area in front of my house or they will put mud in front of my house to block my drain water. I have no option since my drain is blocked by my immediate neighbor. Please advice.