A husband and wife have 17 year old daughter. Wife files a case under 498-A against husband but the District Court in Delhi rules in favour of the husband. The wife again files an Appeal in the Sessions Court/Metropolitan Magistrate Court and that also upheld the decision of the District Court, but directed the husband to pay a monthly sum to his daughter living with his wife for his school fees till the age of 18 i.e. for 1 year only. Now, the husband has lost of job because of the cases filed by his wife. Q1 . Can the Husband go to High Court and file a Criminal or a Civil Writ Petition , also a defamation case and claim damages from his wife for loosing his job and reputatuion ? Q2. Can the husband file for Divorce Proceedings against her wife ? Is it feasible for the husband to file this divorce case ? Can the wife demand maintenance and property from the husband ? Q3. The husband also wants to oust her from the husband's property in another flat of the husband , she is still staying after loosing the cases under 498-A. Will this effect the divorce case if filed by the husband ? How should the Husband approach the situation . 1. Wants to oust the wife from her property. 2.Wants to claim damages from wife for reputation and loosing job and file a defamation case. 3. Can he claim divorce ? Is this the situation that he can take divorce in ? PLEASE SUGGEST ME.