property dispute in family

Sir, my father was expired 21yr ago. Then the property of my grandfather had need divided into four parts.. To my grandmother mg father , his elder brother and elder sister. . and as I told you that my father was expired so my father's share come to me my mom and my sister.. But from the property which share we are using through years,, my elder uncle registered it on his name.. Without telling us. Now he is verbly agree to give us our side .. (Because we are owners of corner side) but he is not ready to do paper work first. He is insisting us to make a wall in the centre but I don't have enough money and believe upon him.. He is mean that he can call the police also when I even started the wall.. Because that price of land is on his name its illegal for me to work on it.. So I want an advise what can I do.. But I afraid of a police or court case because as per Indian services its a very long process and I have not enough money to give the corrupt officers... And I want to sale my land because I have to plan for my future and for my sisters marriage.. I had just borrowed 5lakhs for the treatment of my sister. She was suffering from both kidney failure.. So, sir, its a request to advice me.. Hoping your favour and thanking in advance.. Harkamal Singh