How to close a harassment case

Dear Sirs, Please I am in need of your valuable advise regarding a legal problem I have. I hope I can get some guidance. Once I completed my studies, I joined an organisation in New Delhi as a junior associate on an adhoc basis for a 6 months contract employment. During my job I was harassed very badly by my department head and after a long thought and advise from other colleagues I filed a complaint in the nearest police station about this continuous work place harassment. After this problem I resigned and left Delhi. Its been more than 3 years now and I have now got a summon from one of the court in Delhi to be present in this case to give my side of story. As it has been so long and I have now moved on in my life and left Delhi long back, I don't want to pursue this case. I have no time and money to go back to Delhi and proceed with this case. Please can you advise what I best I can do to close this case. I am afraid I have no knowledge of how the legal system works and if my genuine reasons to be not present and proceed will be accepted. Any help, any advise will be appreciated.