Domestic Voilence

Dear Sir/Madam I am jeelani Begum from District: Raichur, State: Karnataka, I have married to Tanveer ali S/O Rahemath ali on [deleted] as i am second wife of tanveer ali. Before me he has married to another women named Noorjahan from same district on [deleted] and noorjahan lived with her for 3 years. His first divorce case is still pending, He and his family has kept me and parents in dark about all these things and married me. But now tanveer, his mother and 2 elders are torturing to me regarding dowry. After the marriage of 3 months i was living happily. But then after words slowly my husband, mother in law and tanveers 2 elder brother stared torturing me regarding dowry. They have warned me i would tell any thing to police or my parents they will hang me or burn me alive. Due to this fear i have not told this matter to my parents or police. I met with his first wife Noorjahan she said to me she suffered a lot they tortured her also regarding dowry and she also told that her divorce case is pending. Sir from february 2016 3 unknown men were calling me continuously without any reason i have complained about this to my tanveer i.e my husband. instead of taking action he kept quite. Later i informed to my parents about this my father complained to police. But no action was taken by the police because they took bribe from 3 unknown persons. later i came to know that 3 unknown persons were tanveer cousins. Tanveer, My mother in law and tanveers 2 elder brother thrown me from tanveers i.e my husbands house at night 1:35 AM. Now tanveers 2 elder brothers are telling that we will arrange marriage with another women and they are telling that we are having money and we can buy anyone. Sir is this right that he has married first and then second and then for third is justice for us. Please help me for the Justice. Sir i am begging to you and Sir this complaint is last hope to me.