Regarding divorce nd child custody

I am planning for divorce as because my wife is very arrogant in every nature and always like living seperately and only with her parental house and never maintain discipline in the house she wnts to do what she likes and if opposed she use to create a scene and move to the police nd logged complaint likewise she had made complaint 4 times and also logged 498a against me but thanks to the law and the police authorities that with there proper cooperation nd investigation i have been granted bail nd all the times when i get a bail she withdraws a the case and now we are seperate from my house in a rented house we are staying but she is still having the same nature as her family is not sound economically wants to do a job . But i too have a small child of about 1nd half yrs old but as we are seperate for the last 1year my mother is not able to see the child as she doesnot allow me to bring the child but she use to take the child in her parental house where no one is literate condition is worst and the surrounding is very dirty where most of the people are mostly drunkers thieves. So plz suggest what should i do i want divorce but i also have to save my child from such things