Dowry harassment and cheating

I got married on 26 jan 2015. My husband was working in london he was staying there from past 9years. He left london on feb 18 He told that he would take me to london after visa clearance but he was deported immediately from the country he was not allowed to enter the country his passport holds a stamp which says cancelled and returned which holds valid visa he is not revealing the details as to why he was deported from country is there any way where i could get details as to why he was deported. At the time of engagement they din't demand for anything but suddenly after printing and distributing invitation my father-in-law demanded my father to give 45 lakhs saying that my husband is going to invest in a property. After my husbands return he started demanding my dad for money saying he had to sort problems in london my dad gave him nearly 15lakhs of cash. My in-laws and sister-in-law ill-treated me they locked me in there house and din't let me go anywhere. my father-in-law started scolding me he dint allow me to use my phone and stuffs. After four months i was sent to my parents place i got pregnant and the expenses till delivery was met by my parents even my child's expenses are met by parents my husband just visited me monthly once. my husband din't meet any of my or my child's expenses from the time of marriage till date. My parents had given me lot of jewelry and silver articles during wedding they also gifted my husband lot of jewelry. my mother-in-law had all my jewelry and i was not allowed to use it after repeatedly asking my jewelry they returned most of my jewelry but the din't return the silver articles and jewelry which was gifted to my husband. but they carefully kept back the jewelry which they gifted me including my engagement ring. After delivery my husband said he would take me and baby when baby turns 5 months but he deserted me and my baby when i told him i'm going to work i am an graduate. he is not even picking my calls. what proof do i need for dowry harassment my dad gave 15lakhs of cash but i have bank transfer proof for 3lakhs which was transferred from my dads and my account to his account. I have message proof where i asked him to return 15 lakhs which my dad gave but he is not replying to my messages as well.