Ansestral Property

My grant mothers property was Divided by court after my fathers sisters daughter filed a case against Me ,my mother and my 3 sisters .My father and his sister are expired.My mother also passed away before the case come to final judgment . In the case my 3 sisters became ex party's. Court divided the property into two parts and one part to my fathers sisters daughter and the other part to us(me,my mother and 3 sisters). My fathers sisters daughter sold here part and left don't know what to do.My mother as passed away,My eldest sister is missing past 10 years with here family after cheating us and there Business partners, My middle sister (widow) is living with me and My younger sister living with her family. What I want to know is can I solely own the property by Ancestral property act, because I am the only son of my father and it is a Ancestral property . And I am a unmarried person, So I am not interested in grab others share, Eight years have gone after the judgement. So I want to finish this problem in my life time . Is there any chance to get the property by Ancestral property Act .(Property is in other state) please guide me. Raja