Wife left with no communication

Hello, A month ago my wife lost 17 tolas of gold while travelling in a train to her paternal home (the gold was gifted to her by my parents in our wedding). Up on reaching her home, her mother called me up and told that the ornaments were missing. Then i asked my Father-in-law to file a police complaint and he did so. After a few days at our home (me & my wife's) we had an argument and by my surprise she indirectly started saying that we (me & my parents) were the culprits. Then i told her it is possible that you might have given it to someone by will. So an argument broke between us and she left telling me that she would not want to see me again and packing all her items also some valuables at our home. After a couple of days i messaged and told her that we should stop fighting and live happily and start over. And also mailed her in detail to come back. But no response from her or her parents side. Recently she removed me from the social networking sites too. Please let me know what do i do about this matter and what could go wrong legally. Thanks in advance!!!