Wife left with no communication

We got married in Dec 2013. Few months ago my wife lost 17 tolas of gold while travelling in a train to her paternal home (90% of the gold was gifted to her by my parents in our wedding). Up on reaching her home, her mother called me up and told that the ornaments were missing. Then i asked my Father-in-law to file a police complaint and he did so (as i was in a different city). Then my mother who believes in our family astrologer asked for the whereabouts of the gold and he said that a lady is in possesion of it and it inderectly pointed out at my mother-in-law who was the only lady present there apart from my wife. So when me & my mom went to their home to console them and tell them that its not a problem and we can earn the gold back, my mother expressed the same to their family what our astrologer has said. After a few days at our home (me & my wife's) we had an argument and my wife started saying that me & my parents have stolen the gold and thats the reason my mother had indirectly pointed to her mom. Then i told her it is possible that you might have given it to someone willingly while in transit (train/auto), also it was your duty to keep it safe while traveling as you have not told me that you were carrying such amount of jewelry. So an argument broke between us and she left telling me that she would not want to see me again, packing all her items including some valuables at our home. After a couple of days i messaged and told her that we should stop fighting and live happily and start over. And also mailed her in detail pointing out her flaws and asking her to come back. But there was no response from her or her parents. Finaly she spoke to my bro-in-law over phone and told him that she will only consider if my mother comes to her with the gold within 31st dec and if not she will send the papers for divorce. But obviously its not possible to get the same gold back as we have not taken it (and i am sure she knows it). Its been 4 months since she left me and we have not seen each other. We are now in a huge dilemma of how to respond, should we go to her home and compromise? should we wait and see their reaction? Should we take action from our side? (Filing RCR)? Or should i alone go and compromise with her? (this will be my second time as she left me alone last year without my will for 6 months and choose to work in a different city because i had applied for a US visa and she felt she will be left alone (before the visa got approved). Please help as its urgent! Your feedback will be very valuable! Thanks in advance!