Harassment by in-laws(spoiled my daughters life also)

My husband's brothers and his sisters family is harassing us very cruelly...we have an only beautiful and educated 26 yrs daughter for us and coming to my husband he is totally innocent due to this my husbands 1st bro and 1st sis family are harassing us...from 4yrs we are seeing matches for our daughter and they are cancelling those matches and they are threating us that they even cancel it at the time of marriage muhurtham also...due to jealousy they are doing this as my husbands sis children (out of 4 ,2 got divorced) and my husbands bro children are very bad chatactered ladies and they look ugly also,our disciplined life ,all these makes them jealous and everyone in our area knows this..as my husband is innocent they had an eye on our properties also and they are torturing us to sell our house to them..i have 2 elder sisters and 3 youger brothers...my husband has 4 sisters and 3 brothers..in these 27 yrs of our marriage me and my husband kept on helping all of them in each and every way (financial support and social support)..we have some agricultural lands and my husbands 1st bro shows wrong calculations and he takes all our money and that money he throws it on my sisters and brothers to keep them in their side..mainly my husband 1st bro and sis families are meeting my 1st bro and 1st sis mainly and making plans on us like how to spoil our daughters life and family good name..i am the only educated in my siblings..my hubands 1st bros wifes brother is an high court advocate so that on seeing his support she(husbands bros wife) is doing all this..husbands bros wife is keeping secret meeting with all of my maternal family members..she is the main reason for every thing and she had an eye on our properties and money..her main motto is to spoil my daughter life by cancelling the matches doing bad propaganda..sometimes we taught of suiciding as we were not able to find any help from any1..they might kill us also..so please help us..and tell us some names of women ngo's in andhra pradesh? what legal actions can we take to protect us and how to put them(my husbands 1st bros and 1st sis family ) in jail? Thanks for taking ur time to read this...thanks in advance also for ur suggestions.