Endometriosis Cyst

I am male, Parents of my wife showed me the medical documents(Diagnosis report) that their daughter has undergone operation (Laparoscopy) but they also claimed that their daughter is fertile, they also claimed that the problem of endometriosis will never occur again once the operation is done, but the problem is re occurring every year and every year i have a burden to spend 1.5 lac on her operation, now her parents are denying to accept the responsibility, and i am helpless as my salary cant support her financially. But now i am facing problems with her fertility (she cant conceive without IVF/test tube baby and chances of test tube baby are only 70 %) and she cant even have sex properly (she experiences pains while having sex and doesn't allow me to have sex with her) which is affecting my conjugal rights, on the top of this her parents are threatening me by saying that they will file police complaint and will file a case for alimony etc. I have don't nothing wrong, here in fact they have fraudulently concealed the information that their daughter is infertile and will have multiple complications while delivering baby, Can i file case for divorce and on the basis of fraud and protection of my conjugal rights.