Mentally harasses by grand mother and neighbours

Hello sir. Since 25 years my i stay with my parents along with my grand parents. Few years ago my grand father died and my grand mother lost her eye sight in an operation. Since past few months the situation has worsened. We keep our grand mother and do everything for her well-being. Still she is not satisfied which I think is because of her mental state. But every day she curses us and say things which should not be said. She screams aloud due to which neighbours come to our house thinking that we will kill her. They always threaten us by saying that I will lodge police complaint against u. Situation has so worsen that my mom has left my home due to such a mental torture and wordings by my neighbours such us we will put you behind bars. It's obvious that law will listen to neighbours after her death thereby claiming that we killed her. And if they lodge police complaint then my granny and neighbours will send my parents to jail. My parents have done everything that they can do But I fear that due to this my parents will be in jail. My hands are shivering while seaking some help from you. I wanna protect my parents from them but I don't know what to do since in eyes of law always a elder person is correct nomatter whatever is the truth. Please guide me sir. It will be a real help for me.