My Family has an agricultural Land in village.This Land is registered on the name of my Grandmother. She died in 1993. She made a will on my name in 1990. I also have an another property through this will. In my relationship nobody has any dispute with me about this will. A person who is the resident of our Village but not in my relationship said that he has an agreement of this land with my father and my father's Sister. He said that this agreement is made in 1993. The court case of this agreement is still running from last 3 years. They also cased against my will but this case dismissed by judge. My main problem is that the Police of our tehsil registered a Fir against me , my father and my father's sister under section 420/467/468/471/511/120 B. If court case is running than how can they registered a fir. what is the importance of court case if all settled by police. Now we are on Bail by high court. I also applied for the quashment of Fir. Now you are requested to please help me about this that what can I do against them.