My husband who in a NRI filed Divorce

Me and my husband are staying in different countries since after marriage i.e. 2006 due to our job in two different countries. My husband used to get good salary much more than me but since his job was not permanent he never allowed me to leave my job. We both used to visit each other place minimum 1 or 2 times a year. We have a son of 7 years. We had a plan that after he settle in India I will leave my job. During 2014, Dec he suppose to come back to India permanently but suddenly he started to demand divorce from Aug, 2014. I tries to make him in many ways softly and hardly. After few weeks he informed me over phone that he has fallen in love with some foreign lady. But when I denied for divorce he stopped all sort of communication with me. In middle twice he visited India and met our son. First time for 2 hours and 2nd time for 3 hours/day for 3 days. He did not stayed with us and stayed in hotel. But last month he send a divorce letter to me on the ground of mental cruelty stating that I never wanted to leave my job and stay with my husband. Now plz suggest me what should I do now.