Can wife gift husbands property even if he is alive?

Hello Sir/Madam, My grand father and grand mother bought 2 acres of land in around 1956. Due to some clashes, they shared 1 acre each and didn't get registered the same. Hence the land in revenue records was showing on my grand fathers name. The entire land was sub division-ed into 4 parts in 1979. In 1991, My grand mother gifted 1 acre of land to my mothers elder sister by mentioning the boundaries around it and registered according to old survey number which was not sub division ed. The gifted land actually comes under 2 sub divisions. But they got pattadar passbooks with half half extent of 4 subdivisions. In 2007 my grand father gifted remaining acre and registered using actual sub division ed survey numbers. I applied for pattadar passbook but they have approved only for half of overall extent. In 1991 -> 127-2, 127-4 was registered to my mothers elder sister(as per boundaries) -> They got pattadar passbook with entries 127-1 -- > half extent 127-2 -- > half extent 127-3 -- > half extent 127-4 -- > half extent In 2007 -> 127 -2, 127-3 was registered to my mother. -> I got pattadar passbook with entries 127-2 -- > half extent 127-3 -- > half extent I recently get to know about all these things and wanted to solve the issue. Can you please suggest me how can i get full extent on my pattadar passbook at least for survey number 127-3? Please suggest legal proceedings to solve this issue.