Partition Suit

Dear sir, I Sheokumar Pandey residing at Mumbai, I have filed a Suit for partition and share in Flat against my elder brother Arun kumar V. Pandey. My father Shri Venkateshwarnath Pandey had Purchase a Flat from his own money on the name of Arunkumar Pandey as a eldest son in the year 1980, at that time he was about 20 years of age and having no source of income, I am 8 years younger to him. Now the flat was demolished by MMRDA for SCLR Project in 2011. I and my family were resides in same flat from 1980 to 2011 and Arun kumar was resides with his family at our Native town Allahabad from 1984. My father was expired in 2002 at native town, Since the flat was in his name I would like to pay all the maintenance, Electricity, building repairing fund and other charges from my account by cheque. Since the property value is very high in Mumbai, now my brother is saying that he is sole owner of the flat and willing to not to give any things to legal hires of my father V.N. Pandey. I have filed the suit for share and partition. I say that all the legal heirs of Shri Venkateshwarnath Pandey are entitled for their share as the suit premises was purchased by my father Shri Venkateshwarnath Pandey out of his own money, in the name of Arun Kumar Pandey (Defendant No.1) being the eldest son but for the use and benefit for all the family members. So please sir kindly advise me can we are entitled for partition and compensation ? Thanking You, Your’s Truly, Sheo Kumar Pandey,