Mentally Torture and Dowry

Hi All, It's been 3yrs i got married. I work and earn 12k/pm. I'm from a middle class family where my father is an ex-airforcemen. From the day i got married I'm suffering with the mental torture from my husband and in-laws. At the time of marriage my in-laws fought for dowry on the stage and there relatives supported them. As my parents and i was helpless we gave them money at that time(thinking that my husband is good and will take care of me). Before marriage they took 5lakhs dowry saying that my husband wants to buy house and if my parents can also help in giving some money. As my dad liked my husband because he showed my dad that he very interested towards studying and also keeps me happy he accepted and gave money on my engagement. At my house me, my husband and SIL used to stay and my in-laws used to stay in a different city which was about 200km away from hyderabad. After a month my MIL called my husband and provoked my husband that why i did not bring the things(Dowry) for my first festival after marriage. MIL said that its my parents duty that they must give her something like bed or almirah without that she should not come like that. That was the time i said that my parents already gave money for our needs and why they should give more, if anything is there we will earn and buy. But my husband supported his mother at that time. Me and my husband had fight on the same topic and my husband called my FIL and said everything. FIL called me and said i will gv ur money bk and leave my son. On that day i scolded FIL too saying that i will not leave him. There were times where MIL askd me to bring money but i used to give them the same reason..then slowly MIL started having problem with my job she started torturing and scolding me and using words like I'm Daridra for that house because i sleep in the day. They very well knows that i work for US bank and i work into night shift and there were days before marriage that my husband has droped me to office then why suddenly they started having problem. My MIL wants me to leave job but i did not want to because my husband doesnot give even a single rupee for my expenses like clothes or personal needs. Earlier i used to give money for house maintenance, maid and electric city, water and small household needs. But later on whn i started having defficiet i said my husband that unable to save money for my personal expenses so please pay for basic needs also. He then even fought for that and said you need maid for yourself so if you want you pay for it or do that work by yourself. As i used to do night shift and wa used to get tired i kept maid. after a year my husband got chance to work in dubai at that time my in-laws were not acepting him to leave india they scolded me for not asking him to cancel his plans. I was scared because if i force him to cancel and if he looses his career he will definitely shout at me and make it hell. Before he leave i said him if he arranges a dependent visa and call me ten i will move or else it will be a problem for me come to a different place and worrying there. But my husband fought for that thing for around a month and then iaccepted and said will cm dubai in visiting visa. After that i started searching jobs in dubai through my friends who are working there and i got seleted for 2banks and i need to attend interview as soon as i reach dubai. I was planning for hyderabad because my husband cannot do anything. At same time my MIL was more worried my household items. I was not intersted to sell them or giving those to anyone. But my MIL and husband fought with for that household items. Because my MIL wanted to give my things to her daugther. After i left job and i was about to leave to dubai in 20days my husband suddenly comes to india and says that i came because of you because you were nt getting dependent visa. We took different house and moved. then my started drinking and smoking. He used to fight after drinking and smoking that is when is i went to my parents place and complained. That is when my parents tried to explain him but he behaved like an animal. and my father asked him to leave house. We went to doctors because were not having childrens and doctor asked us to do some tests for both of us in that doctor said that i hv PCOD which is normal and i need to take medicines and that will be cure and I strictly followed everything and gt checked up and i dnt had that problrm. about my husband tests he gave me al the reports but did not showed sperm count report as he had less sperm and he lied that he couldnot go for that test. And later on he went to dubai. Then we went again because still we were not having children and then doctor again asked us to go for test again because it was before 6months we have done and doing all those test in the same hospital. I collected all the reports and went to doctor and doctore said that now i dont have PCOD problem but my husband has very less sperm which is main issue. Then she even called my husband and tried to explain the situation but he dint accepted that instead he shouted at doctor and said she is doing all that for money, then doctor said he can consult any doctor and get that report and then speak to her(doctor). But still now i never pointed him but he and in-laws points me for having children in front of relatives and i will be quite its the reason because i always tried to see that he will change and stop doing all that. because of his drinking habits and verbal torture i wanted him to knw my value and left the house with household items, but i called him and said that i m leaving only because we must know eachothers value and will stay away for some days. But in-laws never came whenever i called them they came to my parents house to fight that i took household things. That is when i asked them where is my dowry money and they simply fought and went and now they dont talk to me because i ask about my money. and my husband tortures and points me everytime that i went to someone and came back. earlier he used to say that my father dint give money to them and that is when i showed the pic which i have with me and now he says i dont have money and if i want to buy money will your father give me money. Sir i want the judgement I'm educated but scared to face societies talk. I need you people consultation. I want divorse and may i know the process and police compliant i need to lodge on these people and also want to collect my right of money which i need to get from them because as i have suffered there should not be any other girl who is facing this.