Registration Delay, Looking for Refund

1) Two Plots of 250 sq Yards each total Rs. 3,41,250, purchased in Feb 2003 in "East City" property from "Narne Estate Pvt Ltd". Hyderabad. 2) Above plots were purchased on installment and final installment with all dues was paid in May 2006. 3) Narne Estates asked for Power of attorney to Register the plots on my name, in my absence, I submitted the docs in May 2006. There was no further information from them. 5) Considering the delay in further action I visited Narne office in Hyderabad and talked to their Manager. To my surprise I was informed that these plots could not be registered due to court case and asked to wait till the case was settled. In between I visited multiple times to their HO and Plots to have a look of the situation. I tried to send few emails but rarely they responded, last detailed report on court case was sent by Narne in 2013, saying that they won at lower court and case has gone to higher court. Last year, 2015, I visited where I was tols that due to separation of Telangana state all the cases are delayed and will have to wait further. I asked for Refund or alternate plots option in my last email but there was no reply on this. I request for your advise and possible assistance so that I can get my money back at the earliest. I am not staying in Hyderabad so I may not be able to visit regularly unless required. Thanks, Ramesh Reddy