How to apply contempt of court against mother

Hello, I am divorced since Jun 2015 and I lost child custody to her mother at same time. however, I am given visiting rights alternate Sat & Sun and am allowed to take my daughter (11 years now) with me in her vacation for 30% of duration. Since then visiting is good but her mother has refused to send my daughter to me in holidays and filled lot of fear in child's mind. Since then 2 school holidays passed and I waited she will obey court order but she is fully adamant. She wants to join child as well which I am strictly against that after divorce. I am thinking to file contempt of court but am unaware the complexity involved apart of lawyer & court fees. I already struggled for 8 years to get divorce decree. Contempt can only be filed in High Court? this cant be done in lower court? Mother also sent very abusive sms to me, regarding my family members, demanding monetary benefits even after divorce. How do I deal with the situation? Note that I have complied to all the court orders all through without default.