Ipc 304a

Hi, I am a design engineer and I need to travel 30kms to reach my office. Once when I was returning from office, around 830PM, I was coming in a moderate speed in a 200ft road. I was keepig up right (a small car can go between my bike and median). 100meters before a signal in 200ft road, a SUV overtook me in my left, then all of a sudden a man came running from left towards the median (in an attempt to cross the road, but it's not azebro crossing and very far away from signal). I had hit him. And I went unconscious. When I woke up, I saw an ambulance take him away. I slowly walked towards a nearby police chowk and explained them the same.FIR was filed for rash driving (Police explained that cases are filed this way so that he can get insurance claim). My vehicle is insured. Later that month, police informed me that it is a fatal accident. And filed me with 304A. I am worried about the accident and my fate :( I feel guilty for the man though truly it was not at all my fault. The case is moved to court but I am still not called for hearing. I am worried about my family and career. Please advice