How I can save myself from false divorce cases

Hi, I got married in 2014. we have one and half year girl child. I am very affectionate to her.From the 3rd or 4th month of our marriage I am facing severe issues from my wife. She does not want my parents to come to MY home. She wants all the money information of mine. Also she is insisting that I should give all the money I have earned so that she will keep that in her account. She just gives value for money, and not for human relations and love and affection. I tolerated it for almost 3 years and now i do not want to entertain her in any manner. I need to take care of my elder parents who has suffered a lot in bringing me up by selling their properties during my education time. My parents stay in small apartment which is on my mothers name. I don't have any property on my name. Even I earned very less. I worked for almost 10 years and due to family issues I was not able to concentrate on my job and resigned my job. I am jobless now taking a little break. My main concerns are: 1) If my wife files false cases against me( She is having an intention of filing cases) , should i have to pay any maintenance in this job less stage? 2) Will she get any share in the property which is in my mothers name? I will be very happy to have my kid with me. But came to know that I will not get her custody until 5 years. 3) If I join a new job and get a salary of 60000, how much maintenance I have to pay her? 4) IMPORTANTLY, She is having a property ( Land) on her name. Will that reduce amount of maintenance I need to pay her? Please let me know how badly i can get hit if she files false cases. Thanks.