Request for suggessition

I have brought a land on 2013 January ,the person from whom i got the land made an agreement that i should pay him the remaining partial balance within 7 days from the registration date and the final within two months after he clear the ground and show us the boundary of the land as per the agreed measurement. as per the agreement we requested him to return the signed agreement and take his money on 10th of January 2013, but he said us that he missed the agreement paper and told us to deposit the money in his account. we informed him unless he returns the agreement paper we will not pay him, and on 19th January 2013 he said that he will bring the agreement paper. by 11:30AM he came and said us to show the money only then he will return the agreement. on seeing the money he grabbed it and ran away without submitting the original agreement. now he has filed a case against us that we haven paid him any money, and we should pay him the money with 24% interest for the past three years so please advise me to over come this problem