have problem in the family

Hi My name is Rajashekar , working as a Software professional in chennai, just to have advise regarding th my family life and having a lot of problems which iam facing mentally with this iam not able to concentrate on my work. I have gor married in 2010. from the day one iam facing some insecure with my wife , some how i have adjusted and started the life with her. after one year of my marriage i had lost the job. for 9 months im with no job . i was been in the trails and my wife and her parents started asked to take her with me to bangalore. after some days i got job in mumbai and shifted my familiy to mumbai (only me and my wife) then the real family prolblems started to me .she use to talk with her parents longer time over the phone and most of the time whe will be on the phone with her sister and mother. she bothers least abt me and my family and infornt of me she starts to acting and behind she is doing wht ever she wants , In the month of may i have came to my home town on some occasion and she started yelling on me and stated that she will spoil all the life of my cousins ( who stays with us in combined family), we had a huge argument. she opens her mouth with all lies and even she argued with my parents and they are more worried abt me . after 3 days she her uncle ( her father brother) had came to my house beaten my uncle ( my fathers brother) who got operated for in the abdomen for bone replacement , not able to walk properply for 2 months i dont have contact with her. even she didnt cal me . After 2 months some of relatives taken initative and compromised between both families. now she is in the house and stated to play the mind games as previous , every day she compliments abt my mother and my aunty. all this things were directed by here mother . Please let me know how can i handle here and there parents .