Breach of trust and promise by Placement Agency

I went to a Placement Agency who initially took Rs 500/- as fees which is non-refundable. The interview was conducted and I was selected for a Supervisor post in a Limited Company. They told me where my office would be , my office hours, salary etc. Then they said I will receive confirmation call from the HR Department of the Company. Some days later I got the call from the Hr Dept. of the Company who again gave me the details about my job and told that I have been selected and as per my position I will need a dress provided by the Company and I have to pay Rs 3250/- for that(Call has been recorded). Next day I went to the Placement Agency to give them the money (but got no receipt). After some days I received a letter from another placement agency (whereas i expected to get letter from the Company)where suddenly there was a mention of an IQ test. I went to that new placement agency and gave the IQ test and they said my employment will be based on the result of the IQ test. After some days they said I did not pass the "IQ Test" and they will send me to other offices for interview for much lesser salary and my first month salary will be taken by them. Feeling robbed of my money I went to the first placement agency (whose ad I saw in the newspaper) and asked for clarification where they brazenly denied any. They asked me to do other jobs as provided by them and after two months I will might get a chance in the Limited Company. When I told them to give that in writing they refused. My query is why Rs 3250/- was taken for dress before even completing the recruitment procedure, why I was confirmed earlier that I got the job, why I was not informed about the IQ test and also the call from the so called HR dept of the Company she said I will be joining on 2nd June what was that ?