Tenants not vacating, instead filed a false case

There was a lease agreement between us and before 3 months of the expiry of the lease period we told the tenants to vacate the premises, tenants told that they will vacate and kept on dragging the date when they will vacate then after 6 months we owners got a legal notice that they have filed a civil court case(permanent injuction) against us that we are illegally trying to remove them, it also stated that we have cut their electricity and providing no water, also they have mentioned that we have harassed them by bringing rowdy's, and also they have blamed us that we will not pay the lease amount, none of this is true and instead they are destroying our property by banging the doors and gate till late night 2 AM, creating nuisance and shouting on us. I have few questions: 1. How long this case will go on 2. can we claim rent for their extended stay, in our lease agreement its mentioned that it is a security deposit and on mutual consent we will increase the lease period 3. We want the property damages to be paid by them 4. Compensation for the harassment that they have been causing