Purchase of Agricultural land

Firstof all i and my friend and his relative 2 person decide to purchase 20 acres agricultural land.My friend is the investor and another three person without without investment. I and my friend went for seraching land on the time we find one real estators and ask for land he shows the land while showing land we did not like it then the real estator ask for advance for Rs.50000/- and we paid.In that office one person said that i arrange land for you. Then we decide buy land from him so he asked fund for booking my friend paid arround 14 lakhs now he refuse to show land as well as money.So my friend decide to give police compliant but other party gave bribe and destroy evidence. Then he decide to go court direction.Now my friend include my name as party in his document and he told me that you and i are searching for land should be said to in front of judge then only he fill the case against fraudlant person. In this situation my name is include as party whether i have any issue in the case please guide to go right path