Agricultural land claim in joint hindu family

Dear Sir/mam Kindly confirm the following things We are not aware of different Law Myself (Widow with two daughter age 1 yrs & 3 yrs, Husband Expires in Dec-2015) belong to Kanpur (Utter Pradesh) our main occupation linked with our Agriculture land. In our family there are my Father-in-law (Mother in law expired) one married brother of my Husband and one married sister of my Husband. Kindly reply following w.r.t Hindu Succession Act 1956 & UP Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act (UP ZALR Act) in situation of intestate dying my husband. 1) Can i get share of Ancestral property (i e. Agricultural Land in Rural Area etc) from Joint Family in my name? 2) Can i get individual property (i e. Agricultural Land etc) in my name? 3) Status of daughter in Agricultural family agricultural Land division ? 4) Can i become Farmer (with nobody male member in my nuclear family) in Uttar Pradesh as per UP ZALR Act ? 5) If in future i get re-married then who will be the owner of all above property (myself or daughters). 6) Which one act supersede in case of any confrontation either Hindu Succession Act 1956 or UP Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act (UP ZALR Act) in Utter Pradesh. Please Advice , Thanks