Credit card

Hello, I have an outstanding debt in Dubai of AED 80,000 againt a credit card. I have been trying to negotiate payment terms with the bank but they have not been helping and instead keep demanding high sums which I cannot pay. This has been going on for 2 years. I have offered to pay them AED 500-AED 1000 every month but they are refusing to accept that. Today I received a call from someone saying he was calling from the Mumbai Crime Branch and that a non bailable warrant has been issued against me for a case filed by someone in the Court. He asked me to speak to the lawyer who filed that case and when I did it seems like he was from the bank's legal team as he refused to listen to me. He said the bank presented the security cheque which I had given against the Credit card and obviously that bounced. There is a police case against me in Dubai (which is true since credit card debit is a criminal case there and not civil). He also said an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for me, I checked the Interpol site but there is no notice against me. He again demanded that I pay the AED 80,000 in max 3-4 installments, anything less is unacceptable. I told him that's not possible so he said fine then, wait to get arrested! He said I will suggest since you can't pay file for anticipatory bail. I spoke to the person who claims to be calling from Crime Branch and told him everything, he said he understands my situation and he will ask his senior to speak to the lawyer and see if something can be done and I should call him back tomorrow to check. He also said otherwise file anticipatory bail. Please give me some advice if this is all actually possible or is it some new tactics by the collection companies? I am extremely confused as why will I be told to file anticipatory bail if they said the warrant was for non bailable offence, I think he said 401, 420 and some more. Can an arrest warrant be issued and a court case be filed against me in India for a debt I have in Dubai? When I asked the Crime branch person he had no idea what the case was for, he said I don't know if this is for loan, fraud, credit card. How could he not know?? Please help!