distribution of family property among three daughters

Hi sir Replying to your quiry I am the husband of the elder daughter of my in law family, I am writing this in concent to my wife,Let me start it again we are married for 11 yeras, previously my in law family had 6 family members father in law, mother in law ,there three daughters and my father in law's mother, but my father in law died just one month after our marrage (11th year of his death) and after 6years of our marrage my father in laws mother died so there was no will done all the three daughters have to go to court and have to sign on some court paper giving the entire property in thhr name of my mother in law.Presently there are 5 members in my in law family, my mother in law, youngest unmarried sister in law ,and the middle sister in law who lives with her husband and her daughter in the same house.I along with my wife and my sone live in my fathers house with my parents.Recently My middle sister in law took lone and renovated and exted reconstruction the house which was a normal bengali family house to marvel floored house roughly as per them they spent rs15,00,000/- on renovation.My middle sis in law is a working lady and joined the service of her(late) ( replacing as he died during working hours) father in railways. Now my mother in law wants to devide the property equally among her daughters , so she desided to make 5 equal parts of the property 2part for her self and one each for her three daughters. they presently posses a two storied house inhereted from fathers family. Presently my mother in law stays with her youngest daughter and along with her 2nd daughter +daughters husband and there daughter child together and the 2nd daughter got the job in railway of her father and is working.They stayed there in the sence that they would look after her mother and her young sister{till her marrage}.Now my mother in law wants to distribute the property among her daughters, presently the power of atorny of the property belongs to my mother in law where I came to know that the property will be devided into 5 parts among which 2 parts will be kept by my mother in law for future old age support and rest three parts will be distributed among daughters .Now she also desided that the house would be given to her 2nd daughter who would stay life long and the 2nd daughter would pay the amount to her 2 sisiter of ther part of the house. Now my questain is 2nd daughter enjoying the railway service of her father and after retairment would get a handsom money which she would not devide also she gets the house by paying 2 parts money ,the house which if she wants can be sold and money realised or can be rented so she is and can earn money from many sorces but the other 2 daughters gets on 1/5 of ther fathers property share,and nothing but also mother in law said that she would later distribute her 2parts which she kept for herself after all expences what is left over among her three daughters but some more to that daughter who looks after her. So please help suggest and advice whether this is right or wrong and is it fair and as per indian law as we dont no anything about it. Please do answer me at [deleted] at the earliest