Property Distribution

Sir, My grandfather has three son & three daughter. He also has two land on his own name. In 2011 my grandfather sold one of his land and purchase a small land in the name of his younger son & build up a building on that property. Because my uncle doesn't have any relation with both of his brother. In 2016 my grandfather distribute his other land between his two other son. But when my uncle knew everything about this partition he along with his wife create a messy situation in our house and pressurizing on my grandfather to give all his money and threaten him that "I will not leave this house as the land(which is in his name & and purchased by my grandfather after selling his property) is purchased by my own money(which is absolutely false). My uncle also threaten us that he will lodge fir saying that we force my grandfather to divide his land among his other two son. My uncle & his wife torture mentally my old grandfather & grandmother. They talk in abuse language which can't be express here. This situation continue for the last one month. But suddenly I came to know that my uncle lodge FIR against My grandfather & grandmother. I am working in SBI and they try to ruin my career also because they threaten my parents that they will lodge FIR against me also on false case. Sir/Madam, Please give me proper way so that I can protect my old grandfather & grandmother and me & my family also