Fir false dowery case 498/a or 377 ipc sec 09

I was married dt 22.04.2014, My Wife Filed False Dowery FIR Against me dt August 2015 I have Mobile Recording,Recording of Voice, Some Dairy Pages Written by my Wife herself and Wittness (my Neighbor) & MLR Report( Injury got my Mother or My Uncle or My Cousin Wife in the night when my Wife Called her Family and they Comes in night Harassed my Family and bitted him ) Compromise Copy Signed by my Wife & her father or her brother and promised dt March 2015, it will not happened again. After this August 2015 they Filed Dowery Case FIR against me or My Family.i have date wise proof that they filed False FIR against me or my family.Kindly Suggest me these Evidence is needful or Not. and She filed False U/S 377 IPC also against me. Medical Report dt is 21.09.2015 and FIR lodge dt is 19.08.2015 in Medical Report is in my favor. My wife went there Family home Date 17.05.2015(That time she was pregnant), Her Father comes and taken with her after this she not comes, my family and me trying many times that but she not comes after this i complaint to SSP office against My In laws Family but she told she will not come here She will go to Court and after this i filed a Case Sec 09 in civil Court for my safety. And She filed FIR in August 2015.Dated 31 feb 2016 i received a call from my in law family Member that My wife born a Baby. My wife called me i visit Hospital and after this she called me again for Naamkaran of My child i visit again. Then She told me. She Don't want Divorce & she want to live with me. After this i sent a Application in Mediation Center for compromise. But she demanding Unnecessary thing, Mediation Center sent Report this compromise will not happened. She also filed Sec125 for Maintenance amount. Kindly Suggest me what should i do ?