Mental harrasment

I am 18 years old and my parents dont allow me to have my freedom .I am a human once in a month i feel like hanging out with my friends and they say no u cant.They say we will decide what u have to do and also said if you dont wana live with us in out way then ho and get out of the house we will see who keeps you with them.I have an affair with a boy and they tell me that you are the one who lost your freedom yourself .They abused me always harrass me and fear me by saying go out of the house we wont mind even if you go.They rarely allow me to go with friends and always make me feel like i am Kept in a jail whatever they say things related to household work my college work everything i do at the right time ando i expect them to give me a bit of freedom for my happiness they refuse it by saying last month hi gayi thi roj roj kya friends are also middle classed like me but there parents allow them may it b everyday or everyweek nd even if i am going after months they are againsf it.They sometimes also hit me .My only flaw is i am dependent on them nd thats why i cant leave them.What can i do? I really want my freedom as i think i have rights to live my life my way.