Child custody and DV under criminal case

Hello Mr. Ganguly.. Hope you are doing good sir. My Bhabhi is not co-ordinative with our family and also with my brother and she forces my brother to do things as per her wish and he usually does the things which are right but not the one which he feels are not ethically correct or being an elder son of family.. So there were lot of fyts.. Bhabhi doesn't care abt my mom (her mother in law) my parents live in our home town so she don't like to go there and wen my bro plan a visit to parents she willingly starts an issue in actions like kitchen utensil phek dena bhaiya ko preshan karna.. Same thing happened on 13th August 2016 morning long argument started she started behaving rudely and abused my bro my brother had patience for sometime and thought better to keep quite a while which actually raised her ego she started pulling my bro hair and pinching or neck.. My bro slapped her in return.. So she called her brother cousins left a chit saying don't want my son leaving my son with my husband iIdon't have any right on him signed by her and her brothers After leaving to har parents home she filed 97 cr pc and followed by DV under criminal case She is from maharashtra and we belong to hyderabad Help