Legal rights of tenant in pagdi system

We are residing in a pagdi system room since 1954. I have 4 more siblings, as I was unmarried and looking after my parents. My father transfered the property to me in 2008. Post my fathers death in 2010, me n my 84 years old mother are staying here. I was diagnosed with brain tumour in Feb 2015 and had to undergo surgery on urgent basis. As it was life threatening surgery I transferred one of two rooms (140 sq ft.) in name of my elder sister. My younger sister came to know about the same and is now forcing me to transfer the other room (280 sq ft.) on her name and threatening me to send legal notice if I fail to do that. She is harassing me and my mother again and again. I also have one elder and one younger brother. I then decided to make 6 parts of property i.e. Smaller room 140 sq ft to me and my elder sister and Other room 280 sq ft to my 2 brothers, younger sister and mother. I have ask her to settle dues of brothers and mother and then I will transfer the property to her. She disagree with this settlement and pressurising me to transfer the property on her name without any monetary settlement with others. I seek your advise on same 1) As I m legal tenant of the room can she send me any notice to transfer the room? 2) If I receive any legal notice from her what would be my rights? 3) In future if my brother's are threatening me the same way what can I do?