I have been molested in my buldings lift which started from small argument that is once when i boarded the lift i casually complaint the guy from 7th floor who is illiterate that please be mindful from next time cause usally people from your house and floor keeps the lift gate open which leads to problem to us as i stay on 5th floor and work as a cabin crew so it becomes difficult for me to carry bag and climb stairs and in that situation that guy started arguing with me in a very bad tone and used foul language and touched my ass and was actually pouncing on me to hit as i was fighting with him and we kept arguing and then i left cause i was getting late for my flight and then i informed my mom about the same so she called the respective family of tht guy and complainted about it and they apologized for it but later midnight the group of 15 people barged into my house when my mom was all alone and they started fighting and torturing her both this incident was recorded and i have cctv footage of that and from past few days those people who barged in my house late night is my neighbours and they are muslim and the dont like us cause they want to buy that flat where i am staying and they tell people that all hindus in our society is anti them which is all false we dont even care about their presence s after this incident my mom filled a complain against of all them and now after 3 months back dand adhikari calls my mom and interrogates her cause those people has hired a lawyer who was interogating her and was putting false alllegations on us and after few days they have called my mom and now they want me to come there so that their lawyer can interrogate me as well so i wanted to know should i go there without any lawyer and is it right that their lawyer can interrogate me and what is all this could you please help me to know what i should do next.