Should i go for annulment of my marriage or divorce after 1 year?

am Indian male,from a middle class family, its been 6 months I married a girl it was an arranged marriage, although I never liked her since the beginning of my marriage because of her toe deformity, I never liked her but my parents convinced/forced me to marry her, my father gave me word to give treatment for her toe deformity, after marriage but now i myself visited 2 doctors they said surgery is not possible, now my father is saying its ok no problem, i told him number of times between the gap of 1 month for engagement & marriage that I don't like the girl..we both are not happy, daily fightings happend between us, I am trying my level best to be happy with her but nothing happens, now I decided will see for another 6 months if am not happy then I will go for annulment my marriage, am trying hard to save my marriage... now my question is if I go for annulment what are the problems my parents & I face? my father-in-law threatened me if I leave her daughter he will put me in jail. pls help am dying inside, getting suicidal thoughts.