Harassment by mother in law

Hello sir, I am married since 2010. At starting my husband had an affair. The marriage was forceful to him. He wanted divorce. But I was not agreed. I was mentally torchered by him. Other family members were supporting. But when I openly asked for separation. He apologize for all. And took me back with him. But continued the same. Again I asked for separation. He came with three of his relatives and I again went with him. My mither in law said that i have filed a case against them fir 50 lakhs. To One of relatives. He told my mother in law that don't blame your d.I.law , as your son is guilty. She came home with a neighbor lady, and she scolded me for not coming. I didn't think necessary to answer her. Now again my mother in law repeated the same thing. As I live with my husband at other place not at laws house. Everybody says my m.I.l is innocent lady. But every time I am alone at home either she tonts me or comes with ladies to show me down to hide my husband' s mistakes. Even she has said to a lady in front of me that I don't have any relationship with my husband. While I had faced a miscarriage. And she knew it. Now my husband is being good with me . but my m.I.l and one of sister in law wants to hide his mistakes. And for that they always blames me in such a manner that I don't know what to answer. What kind of complaint I can file against her. As I don't want divorce. My sister in law also filed a case when my husband was against me. She said I don't want jail. As she was aware of his affair and not ready for marriage. She said why I am living with my husband , as I have to live with my mother in law. She was scolded by the police officer for a false complaint. She asked my father that neither we will talk to her nor she will talk about us. But even after that she didn't stop. I have few proofs against my mother in law. They said we are against dowery in marriage. But my mother in law wants things, suits from me to be brought from my home. I am getting depressed. They act being innocent but they are too mean. What should I do? I am pregnant and don't want my baby to be like them.