No support from husband and mental torture by husband n MIL

I've been married(arranged marriage) fr 3.7yrs and have a 1yr old baby.Since marriage we were living with my in laws.But mental torture frm MIL started right frm the 4-5th month of marriage,i kept neglecting it.Bt even in my pregnancy I wasn't cared fr at all by my husband and MIL,I used to do all household chores even with the morning sickness symptoms.I came to my mother's house in 7th month of pregnancy n lived for 14 months with her as I wanted to live separately with my husband n child n he wanted to stay with his parents(FIL is diagnosed with dementia n MIL doesn't look after him so my husband hs to bathe FIL n somewhat look after him).After 1yr I returned to the same house as our pastor advised me to do so.But MIL strtd targeting my baby to torture me n wen I answered back husband blames me fr the verbal fights.In all these 20 months he didn't completely fend fr our expenses,my mother did.Now I've again returned to my mother's house as i don't want to suffer the same torture.Husband isn't ready to live separately neither fends fr our expenses.I want my husband to understand his responsibilities n duties towards me n our baby and I want to live a happy and peaceful life.Kindly advise me on what needs to be done.i am not in favor of divorce.