Action to be taken for non receiving Due Full&Final

Dear Respected, I have worked in the company as a sales manager;for 6 months and have resigned in probation at 5th month, and served the entire notice period of 1 month and have obtained a clean relieving letter.Though I was a manager, but I was made to do all clerical and cheap tasks.I had a subordinate under me, but only his leaves used to come to me on my mail for regularization.And that individual was based out of some other location; other than my base location.I have not even met that person. But its been 4 months now that I,am still awaiting my dues i.e. salary of 1 month amounting to Rs.1 Lac .I have tried approaching my management through Whats App, messages,mails and have been stopped entering the office gates as well.When I complained about my bad experience on mail to them keeping the Labour ministry in cc, the management has reverted saying my allegations are baseless and they will file a defamation case against me.And I need to apologise to them on mail and collect the dues cheque from their office.Also, the management and me,were called by a letter by Labour Commissioner,but the management has not turned up. Kindly suggest how do I take things ahead..Also,if the management is not paying heed to the labour commissioner letter, then what is the next course of action to be taken. Also, as an employee in the above mentioned profile; do I fall under the definition of Employee under Industrial Disputes Act? Kindly revert, what amount of compensation can I claim from the employer; against mental harassment and agony. Also, what will be the next course of action to be taken? Do I need to approach the Labour/Civil court? REGARDS