Police Inaction

This is a case of theft. its been over 1 yr and 8 months since incident, FR was put 2 times in this while. at present, the case is being disposed off presently after finger print report which came as "Not Clear". My arguments are following;- 1. Police inaction due to social status of the lady 2. police has removed evidences (call details, statements of this lady herself and other witnesses who saw her) which incriminate the lady. 3. The lady herself didnt cooperate in investigation (she didnt turn up for more than 10 notices given by police under 160 crpc) 4. Even while she didnt cooperate, police took no step, thus proving their inaction. 5. this has resulted in a delay of 1 year 8 months which was unwarranted. 6. Police is relying entirely on finger prints (which is too naive in the sense of investigation) 6. Police took no step to try to recover stolen items (even when they were given elaborate information by me). YES there is NO RECOVERY. i am positive to prove point no 2,3 and 4 above. Other than fresh investigation (which is mostly meaningless), what should i pray to the court?