Contractor Cheating and breach of contract and trust.

Dear Sir, We gave a fixed priced lumpsum construction contract to one local contractor to build 4 storey building in Bangalore on a 40X60 plot, initially the contractor was very nice and humble as we are staying abroad he use to send pictures on whatsapp and inform us the progress and get payments from our parents who are staying in bangalore. He raised structure of 3 floors and told us due to some legal issues he will not raise 4th floor after finishing 3 floors completely he will start 4th floor and to finish the 3 floor finishing work he requested us to release payments as he has make front payment for finishing items he will not get on credit and he assured as to have trust in him he give us 3 floors finishing, after politely getting max amount, even he has taken 4th floor partial payment, all of a sudden he has changed and said he spent all the money on structure, plumbing work, electrical and woodwork, were as he did not provide flooring (we got it done as we wanted to have granite) he agreed to pay difference amount of vitrified which we still not received, apart from that he left maximum finishing work unfinished and stopped coming to site as we were in abroad our old parents requested him in person and I requested over phone and sent email notice etc but he is adamant he has spent all on structural work and acting like a gonda he is not bothering the contract terms and his own whatsapp comittment. Iam in bangalore now finding hard to get settlement which the contractor thru peaceful means. Please advise.