Fixed medical allowance to pensioners under rule 69 ccs(p)rules,

RespectedSir, i was suspended on 11.5.1994 on bribe case. case was filedin the bribe case against me by CBI on 23.12.1994ie., , more than 7 and half months. my suspension was revoked and i joined on duty on 29.8.1997. The Spl CBI court/nagpur acquitted me as the officer issued thesuspension order isnot the appointing authority it means the court not satisfied with the rankargument that the officer is the appointing authority in my case. the honble court that the officer who appointd me can only suspend but the officer produced by cbi has no powers to appoint such, i was acquitted on 30.9.2005. cbi went on appeal to hc/nagpur. on 27.2.2006 but it was dismissed in default on 2.8.2006. later on on receipt of application for restoration, the court posted for orders on 4.6.2007. no further hearing or no judgement so far. in the meantime, i was retired on attaining the age of superannuation on 31.5.2011. at the time of my retirement, i opted for fixed medical allowance. but my deparment said i will be paid if hc/ngp clears the case. now my question is how can be deprived by my dept without fixed medical allowance since june, 2011. there is no clear mention in CCS(PENSION)RULES, 1972 abt fma to prov pensioners under rule 69(pagainst whom discp procdgs pending). kindly let me know what is thewayout. if there is any order/judgement that pensioners getting prov pension from june, 2011 under rule 69of ccs pension rules,1972 are also entitled for fixed medical allowance. i am a bedridden paraplegia patience since november, 200624 x7 and therefore cannot move anywhere. please help me in this regard.withhigh regads, v. prabhakara rao, retd stenographer